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Broadhalfpenny Down Cricket Club, Hasselblad 500CM

This is the pavilion at Broadhalfpenny Down Cricket Club, also known as Hambledon Cricket Club. Hambledon is also know as The Cradle of Cricket due to its long association with the game dating back to the early 1700’s. It’s a lovely spot with some nice views over the South Downs. You can pick up the South Downs Way National Trail nearby as well. There’s also a lovely vineyard producing some World class sparkling wine. Post here and here.

The cricket club had been established by 1750 and by 1760 was acknowledged as the authority on the game and where new laws and techniques were developed and applied. These changes transformed the game of cricket from country pastime to national sport. The team at this time was a formidable one taking on and beating an all England team on 29 occasions. David Gower notes in his foreword to John Goldsmith’s Hambledon Cricket that it was the Hambledon team of the late 18th century that “raised cricket from a sport to an art.” Cricket became an international sport a hundred or so years later.

The second photo is the view towards Clanfield from the beer garden of The Bat and Ball pub opposite the cricket ground. It’s now a Fuller’s pub and like so many others in the area that are now operated by the brewery it has lost some of its individual character in terms of food and drink. Fuller’s pubs are ok, but they’re all pretty much the same.

Fuller’s have been slowly taking over the local pubs ever since their acquisition of George Gale and Co, LTD in 2006 which was loacted a few miles away in Horndean. Fuller’s eventually closed the brewery and moved production to their Chiswick brewery. I can remember the smell of the beer brewing when I lived at home with mum and dad. Gale’s made one of, if not the finest beer in The World – HSB or Horndean Special Bitter. Thankfully Fuller’s saw fit to continue to brew it although it’s probably not as good as it was. The day they stop is the day Fuller’s are dead to me. HSB is the only point to their existence as far as I’m concerned.

I photographed the pavilion in the same way on the Mamiya C220 in 2014 here and on the Nikon F100 here. Some more from this visit here.

Hasselblad 500CM / Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 / 80mm

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East Meon, Kodak Portra 160

Some of the pitchas from East Meon, a beautiful little village in Hampshire about 3 miles from Clanfield. It’s a very sleepy and picturesque place, there’s a thousand year old church in the village and a couple of lovely pubs. We had lunch in the Izaak Walton where we had a below average plowman’s and a Bowman’s Ale – I can’t remember which one.

East Meon was mentioned in the Domesday Book and even featured in the English Civil War – the Parliamentarians camped outside the village before the Battle of Cheriton.

During the WWII the Luftwaffe dropped 38 high explosive bombs and approximately 3,500 incendiaries on the Parish – stupidly they only managed to kill a pig.

Hasselblad 500CM / Kodak Portra 160NC [expired 03/2012]

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Uppark House Cafe, Fuji Pro 800Z

We spent another day doing nice things – this time we visited Uppark, an 18th Century English country house owned by the National Trust. Some later additions to the property were 2 pavilions, one of which now operates as a lovely cafe serving cream teas – there’s a huge lawn at the front overlooking the South Downs with some lovely views. Unfortunately is was a bit chilly and it started to rain so we couldn’t sit outside and enjoy the view from the lawn – next time.

Hasselblad 500 C/M / Fuji Pro 800Z

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Southsea, Fuji Pro 800Z

One of our last days in England – lovely weather and a little trip to Southsea. We had lunch at The Tenth Hole, a little cafe next to the golf course and then walked along the Millennium Path from Southsea through Old Portsmouth to Gunwharf Quays. Great Stuff.

The first roll of a batch of Fuji Pro 800Z I found on taobao. Great find and it expired only in 2012. Not sure how it’s been stored – judging by these frames, not particularly well but I’m sure it will be ok in the right conditions. It’s just figuring out what those conditions might be before I run out of the stuff…

A photo of Chu Chu on Southsea Beach shooting those seagulls – and those seagulls. More from this day here

Hasselblad 500 C/M / Fuji Pro 800Z [expired 03 / 2012]

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