NIKON_FM2_KODAK_PROFOTOXL_100_2_ (30)Hello, my name is Matthew Dallow (my friends call me Matty) and I’m a photographer originally from England. I now live in Hong Kong with my beautiful wife, Emily.

Formerly an editorial travel photographer, I now shoot mostly people; on their wedding day (or before it) or at pretty much any other time. I will travel anywhere in the world.

This blog was originally where I wrote about my travelling days and blogged about my time as a travel writer and photographer. Unfortunately it was hacked a few years ago so I had to start it again. Around this time I decided to return to film photography as I was unhappy with my photography. This blog is now dedicated to film photography.

I really love meeting people and talking about photography (and other things) so please feel free to contact me.

You can contact me through the contact page, emailfacebooktwitter and Instagram.

Hope to hear from you soon,