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Nikon FM2 / Fuji Pro 400H / 135mm

I took this photo of my lovely Chu Chu using the 135mm. I don’t use it much and I took to England in the summer because I had an idea for a photo but I didn’t go to the location where I wanted to take the photo I had the idea for – boo.

This was taken in Clanfield Meadow. The little white flag is a boundary marker – we were watching my nephew play cricket.

Emily is holding the Olympus XA – she loves that little camera.

Nikon FM2 / Fuji Pro 400H / Nikkor 135mm

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Emsworth, Pentax PC35AF

Our first full day back in England and a little trip to Chichester and a stop in Emsworth on the way home – we got lucky with the weather with the sun coming out in the afternoon.

I dug out my old Pentax PC35AF – one of the cameras I’ve got stored at mum’s house.

I’ve finally added a page containing links to tags for all the different films used on the blog. The link is on the front page of the blog under ‘the film’ menu. Or you can just click here.

Not all the links have been added yet. But they’re coming very soon.

Pentax PC35AF / Agfa Vista Plus 200

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