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Wan Chai Development, Kodak Portra 400

Another walk from Matty’s house to TST and another shot of the development at the harbour front in Wan Chai – also known as Wan Chai Development Phase II.

Despite having taken a few pitchas of this area I’m not particularly interested in building developments in Hong Kong. We have to walk through this area if we walk from our place to get the ferry to TST so I just snap pitchas as we walk through. I find architecture in Hong Kong uninspiring at best. The rents and lack of affordable housing and the fact the government seems uninterested in constructing anything that would
be in the interest of the general public is enough to make anyone feel glum about this kind of thing.

The third pitcha is of a community art installation near the Museum of Art which was quite nice.

Nikon FM2 / Kodak Portra 400

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Clanfield Meadow, Pentax PC35AF, Agfa Vista Plus

Chu Chu with our recently acquired Kodak Brownie Six 20 Model E. I managed to run a roll of film through the Brownie the same day – as the name would suggest it takes 620 roll film but will take 120 with some Matty “modification”.

Pentax PC35AF / Agfa Vista Plus 200 (Poundland film)

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